Insight/Onsite Fuels Sisters' Passion for Architecture

For as long as she can remember, Carrie Cox has been interested in architecture – especially Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings. Because she credits this lifelong fascination to her sister, Laurel Best, their participation in Insight/Onsite, along with their husbands Ken and Art, was especially meaningful.

For Carrie, the most unexpected aspect of the visit was the surrounding area. Their time at Fallingwater began with a guided hike of the landscape, starting at Bear Run and including the site where the stone for the house was quarried. “We really got a sense of place by doing it in that order; I strongly recommend that approach to anyone who visits Fallingwater,” Carrie said.

Insight/Onsite gives participants the benefit of seeing and feeling Fallingwater through many different lenses. Fallingwater is not the same in the early morning sunlight as it is in the misty humidity of midday. One can watch the effects of light and shadows over time. Participants also have time over three days to explore Bear Run Nature Reserve – the 5,000 acre natural area that is home to Fallingwater. 

Carrie described the opportunity as “life-changing; the ability to experience the architecture in a way that you would not be able to otherwise.  Touring a house is nothing like living in the house. This is the closest you can come to living at Fallingwater.”