Architecture Camp: Studio 1

Architecture Camp: Studio 1

High School Residency

This week-long high school residency program is focused on architecture, environment and design in the context of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater, one of America's most significant works of architecture.

Led by a registered architect and educator, this program provides an opportunity for students to examine and explore a host of Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas, while living and studying in the midst of this historic building. Situated in the scenic Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania, the house serves as a catalyst to investigate the art and science of building, the history of the region, and environmental stewardship and sustainable design practices.

Students will engage in a series of hands-on exercises focusing on space, light, structure, and materials with special emphasis on creative problem solving, and Wright's ideas about nature and organic architecture. Program activities include individual and collaborative projects, drawing and model-making exercises, and daily working sessions in and around Frank Lloyd Wright's timeless architectural masterpiece.

Peter Goldstein, AIA is an educator and licensed architect from Dallas, Texas. He has architecture degrees from Tulane University and Yale, and teaches in the Dallas Independent School District's architecture magnet program at Skyline High School.


  • Direct access and personal connection to Fallingwater
  • Architecture and design problems with hands-on building projects directly related to the house/site relationship
  • In-depth, scholarly discussions and applications of Wright's principles of organic architecture
  • Drawing, design, and materials workshops
  • Interdisciplinary workshops in creative thought and expression

Dates and Tuition for 2014

Early admission applications must be postmarked by March 31

Standard applications must be postmarked by April 30

Residency dates are: July 22-29

Tuition, room and board: $1300

Early admission discount: $200

Please include a statement in the application defining your financial need. Fallingwater will consider all requests for financial assistance on a case-by-case evaluation once admission has been granted.



Student residents live dormitory-style at the Kirkpatrick House at High Meadow, a split-level house located on the scenic Bear Run Nature Reserve, within walking distance from Fallingwater. The highlands setting, with unsurpassed views of nearby Laurel Ridge, will recharge your creativity. We hold classes at the adjacent open-air studio and on-site at Fallingwater. Meals are locally prepared and feature seasonal ingredients.


Any student who has completed his or her sophomore or junior year in high school is eligible to apply. An interest in learning more about architecture and the visual arts professions is a must. We limit enrollment to 10 students.


Apply Today:

We are currently accepting applications for Architecture Camp.

  • Early admission applications must be postmarked by March 31, 2014
  • All applications must be postmarked by April 30, 2014

Your application must include the following information:

  • Name/address/phone/email address
  • Parents' names/work or day phone/email address
  • School name/address/principal's and sponsoring teacher's name
  • A cover letter, introducing yourself, your interests, and how you discovered our program
  • 300-word essay describing a piece of architecture or built space you have personally experienced that had a lasting effect on you. Clearly explain the elements of the space, how they were composed and your reaction to them.
  • Hand drawing of the building or space mentioned in your essay, no larger than 9"x12". (Note: only applications containing both essays and drawings will be considered)
  • Two letters of recommendation from sponsoring teachers or adults who know of your interest in architecture and the visual arts (these may be mailed separately).

Mail to:

Jennifer Hiebert
Education Programs Coordinator
PO Box R
Mill Run, PA 15464

Questions and Additional Information:

Contact Jennifer Hiebert, Education Programs Coordinator at 724-329-7826 or