Lifelong Learning

Throw the axiom "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" out the door. Lifelong learning is attitudinal; one can and should be open to new ideas, decisions, skills or behaviors at any age.

Come for a lecture. Learn a new skill as a volunteer. Immerse yourself in a weekend of Frank Lloyd Wright. Have a thirst for knowledge?  Fallingwater can help quench it.


If you’re passionate about Fallingwater, we welcome you to consider one of the volunteer opportunities available on-site. We rely on volunteers in countless ways. We invite you to use your skills in a rewarding setting with others who share your love of architecture and the great outdoors in a stimulating and one-of-a-kind environment.

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Insight/Onsite: A Unique Experience

Insight/Onsite provides a rare opportunity for adults who seek a fresh perspective on arts and architecture.  The three-day program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity which allows participants to contemplate and experience a masterpiece.  

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Read and Reflect

Exploring the connections between an architectural artifact and its situation within the larger environment offers a critical point of departure for exploring the dynamic relationship that exists between architecture and site. The interconnectedness between architecture and site becomes apparent when examining not only their theoretical constructions but also, their physical, metaphysical, and sensual dimensions. This approach and the case studies investigated here by Professor John Reynolds, Miami University, recognizes that links between theory, perception, and sensual experience are needed to address the rupture that has occurred between architecture and site, people and place.



  • Experiencing the Architecture of Site Considering its Metaphysical, Sensual, and Typological Dimsionsen



    The Fallingwater Lectures Series presents a look at the people who created Fallingwater, the collections that grace the house, and designing in harmony with nature.

    Attend one of these lectures before or after your tour for just an additional $5.  Friends of Fallingwater may attend any of the lectures for free.  contact Visitor Service, 724-329-8501 ro register.

    July 25 - 'Plumb and Level: Complement by Contrast' by Andrew P. Phillips, AIA, Fallingwater Teachers Residency instructor who is an award winning architect from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    August 8 - 'To the Young Person in Architecture- a response to FLW' by Peter Goldstein, AIA, Fallingwater Studio 2 instructor who is an educator and licensed architect from Dallas, Texas.

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    Road Scholar

    In collaboration with Laurelville Mennonite Church Center and Road Scholar, we offer weeklong explorations of Frank Lloyd Wright looking at 3 houses in the Laurel Highlands:  Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, and the Duncan House.

    The 2014 program, "Frank Lloyd Wright: Revolutionary Contributions to Modern Architecture" is scheduled for April 13-16 and May 11-14 in 2015. Please consult Road Scholar's website at for more information.

    Special Events

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