Teachers & School Groups

We tailor Fallingwater activities to students of all ages and are happy to work with you. Our programs, including house tours, correspond to Pennsylvania Academic Standards.

We recommend the regular tour for grades 4 and up. The in-depth tour is best for college-level architecture students and high school students in AP art and/or art history. Special discounts for student groups are available. 

Pre-visit Lessons

Prepare your students for their visit to Fallingwater with a pre-visit presentation that will help give them a greater appreciation for the house and its history.  Presenting this Fallingwater lecture to your students is an easy and beneficial way to enable them to get the most out of their upcoming visit.  Your students will arrive on-site prepared for an enriching experience with a world renowned work of architecture.  A  PowerPoint lectures include a note section with each slide and can be presented in approximately 20-25 minutes.


Hands-on Workshops - While you are on-site, take advantage of one of our hands-on workshops.  Each one corresponds to state academic standards.  These are great for homeschoolers, too!   

Fallingwater: An American Treasure Teacher's Guide - Looking to include Fallingwater in your classroom?  Check out our teacher's guide.  It includes Fallingwater facts and lesson plans that meet state academic standards at varying grade levels.  These are great for pre-visit or post-visit classroom extensions.  You can also you use them without a visit!

Collaborative Curriculum for Your Community - You can use architecture as a springboard for learning, even if you can't come to Fallingwater. We developed this guide for other buildings in the Laurel Highlands to introduce students to structure, function, and appearance in the built environment as a way of understanding how architecture and design tells the story of how people live, past and present.  Even if you don't live in the area, you can use the lesson plans for buildings in your community--they are geared to National Academic Standards.

Fallingwater Math Trail- For advanced high school and college students make math more fun with a Fallingwater Mathscapade!  This math trail that moves through Fallingwater follows Pennsylvania State Standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. It incorporates algebra and basic geometry skills and should be used as practice.  An answer key is included at the end.

Teacher Residency - The Fallingwater Teacher Residency helps teachers use architecture to spark creative thinking in any subject area, while addressing various learning styles and multiple intelligences.