The house casts a warm glow on summer evenings in this view from the overlook.

Glimpses from the birds-eye view reveal an expanse of inviting terrace spaces situated directly above the waterfall.

Mr. Kaufmann’s terrace, as viewed from the driveway above the house.

An early spring aerial view of the main house and guest houses.

Sun streams through the windows in this view from the living room towards the west terrace.

Bear Run, still unfrozen, flows underneath the house blanketed in snow.

The colors of fall frame the house in this classic view.

The cantilevered construction allows for an open living space that still feels warm and inviting during the cool autumn days.



Fallingwater is now open for regular season house tours and grounds passes.  Please book your tickets online or call 724-329-8501 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


As part of your tour, visit the free exhibition, Before and After Fallingwater: Benno Janssen’s and Richard Neutra’s Houses for the Kaufmanns,” open now through January 2017 in the Visitor Center’s Speyer Gallery.

Summer Residency Programs

Registration is now available for Fallingwater's summer residency programs led by professional architects.  Join us for a week-long immersive program, for both students and teachers, where you'll develop skills and a deeper understanding of architecture.